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Monday, 8 September 2008

The Oxford Companion to Scottish History

From the Picts to the Scottish Parliament, The Oxford Companion to Scottish History is the definitive guide to twenty centuries of life in Scotland. Compiled by more than 170 eminent contributors, it covers over two thousand years and extends from Galloway to Orkney and Shetland and from the Borders to the Western Isles. At more than half a million words and nearly eight hundred pages, this wide-ranging resource provides comprehensive coverage of Scotland's eventful history, interpreting that history broadly enough to include archaeology, architecture, culture, folk belief, climate, geology, and languages. Readers will find entries on figures such as Columba, Macbeth, and William Wallace sitting alongside entries on sport and culture, on Burns Clubs, curling, and shinty, and on major historical issues such as Scottish clans, The Highland Clearances, and Scottish Covenanters. In addition to concise factual entries, longer articles explore key themes such as kingship, national identity, migration, women, urban and rural life, the economy, housing, living standards, and religious beliefs across the centuries. Maps, genealogies, a chronology, a substantial guide to further reading, a thematic contents list, and an index add further to the value of this excellent resource. Authoritative and hugely informative, this superb Companion is an essential source of information for anyone interested in Scottish history. The Oxford Companion to Scottish History (Oxford Paperback Reference).

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