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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Genealogy Tours of Pencaitland Scotland

Genealogy Tours of Pencaitland, Scotland. A Scottish village in East Lothian, Scotland, about twelve miles south-east of Edinburgh. The land where the village lies is said to have been granted by William the Lion to Everard de Pencaithlan, who gave the church, with the tithes and other property belonging to it, to the monks of Kelso, in whose possession it remained till a short time prior to the accession of Robert Bruce. The land subsequently became the property of a younger branch of the Maxwell family, who granted the advowson and tithes to the monks of Dryburgh, who held them until the Reformation. The River Tyne divides the village into Easter Pencaitland and Wester Pencaitland, crossed by a three-arched bridge dating from the 16th Century. An ancient cross in Wester Pencaitland indicates that there would probably have been a market there.

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